Easiest, Most Affordable Personal Monitor Mixing

This is an article from CCI Solutions about personal monitors. It's a good intro to entry level personal monitors. It's written in the vocabulary of a sales pitch, but the content is still valuable nonetheless.

Personal monitor mixing systems have revolutionized modern performances for musicians, singers and audiences.

They benefit the performers by letting them hear themselves better. The sound the audience hears is better since the musicians perform better and the volume onstage interferes less with what the audience is supposed to hear.

Until now, the most popular systems ranged from fifteen hundred to several thousand dollars, making them out of reach for some.

Our product solutions team created several extremely affordable packages utilizing new products from the Rolls Personal Monitor or PM line. These products and complete systems will help you improve the performances in your space at a price you can afford.

Get the inside scoop on how they work here.

Benefits of an in-ear monitor mixing systems:
• Less stage volume means better sound for the audience
• Musicians can hear and play together better
• Musicians and singers have control of what they hear in their headphones.

Benefits of our new packages:
• Similar control to expensive systems
• Scalable, start with one person and add as you go.
• Very easy to use.
• Extremely affordable (nothing else even comes close)

Your current systems can benefit.

Even if you have an in-ear monitor system, you could benefit from these new products. For more about these fantastic mixers and systems see the video here.

from: www.ccisolutions.com; used by permission.