Dynamics 101: Connection Diagrams

Introduction: Rick Naqvi is one of the best people I know to teach on the care and feeding of compressors and limiters, which makes sense, as he works for Presonus, which makes excellent compressors and limiters. He has given us permission to include it here on the ChurchSoundGuy blog. So as to avoid being overwhelming, it will be posted in several installments. This is part 4.

Careful connection of your audio system will avoid hours of headaches, noise and hum.

Note: These illustrations show the Presonus ACP88, but are illustrative of most any dynamics processor.

Inserting into your mixers insert points:

fter your mixers main outputs, balanced:

Between multi-track recorder inputs/outputs to mixer outputs/inputs, unbalanced:

Sidechain insertion of an equalizer, for de-essing applications:

Courtesy Presonus. Used by permission.

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