Parody: Mr. Soundman Video

Mr. Soundman
Lyrics by: Pat Donohue
Sung to the tune of: Mr. Sandman

Mr. Soundman, Turn up the sound
So they can hear me for miles around
Use all the volume that you can manage,
I wanna do a little hearing damage.
Mr. Soundman, you know what I need
Keep on a-crankin' till their eardrums bleed.
I'm gonna terrorize this crowd,
Mr. Soundman turn me up loud.

Mr. Soundman, I'd like there to be
Lots less of everyone and lots more of me.
If you could take me up a little higher
To just before you blow your amplifier.
Mr. Soundman, cause me some pain
I don't need earplugs or novacaine
I ain't too good, but I ain't proud.
Mr. Soundman, turn me up loud.

Mr. Soundman, what did you say?
I must have blacked out. I think I'm okay.
You really got me with that high pitched squealin'
I can't hear nothin' but I like the feelin'.
Mr. Soundman, you got it right
My ears are ringin' for the rest of the night
It's always up and never down
Mr. Soundman turn up…
I wanna crash and burn up…
Mr. Soundman, turn up the sound!

Song History / Background:
Pat Donohue is guitarist for the Guys All-Star Shoe Band of Minnesota Public Radio's A Prairie Home Companion ( You can also visit his website at (

This is Gerry Nelson's version:

And this version is from a group called Jim Earps Acoustic Friends:

If you have trouble seeing the video, click on the title ("Parody: Mr. Soundman Video")

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