An Introduction to Analog Mixers

Soundcraft in the UK is known for making wonderful mixing consoles, both large and small, which they call a "mixing desk" over there. They're one of my all time favorite brand of mixers.

Now they've put together some training videos, including these introductions to what exactly a mixer does and what all those knobs do. That sounds awfully basic, even rudimentary, but think about it: many church soundguy volunteers don't really know what a mixer does, and they haven't a clue about what each knob does.

Think of these as a training tool for your newest volunteers. (In fact, think of the whole ChurchSoundGuy blog as a training tool!)

Produced by Soundraft UK.
Used by permission.

If the video's not working right, click on the title ("An Introduction to Analog Mixers") or just visit

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