The Vocal Channel Strip

The Vocal Channel Strip - A.K.A. The “Pastor’s” Channel
Using a Voice Processor to Enhance Your Most Important Voices

Your mixer was designed to give you level control as well as tonal adjusting and routing capabilities over your microphones.Preacher at podium The sound you get from your mixer is fine for the majority of the mics you use. But if you want the best sound from your mist important vocalists like your pastor or worship leader, then you might consider stepping up to a voice processor like the Presonus Eureka or the Aphex 230. These devices are like mixer channel strips on steroids!

They offer features like:
• High-quality extremely quiet microphone preamps
• Optimized vocal compression (for controlling the dynamics of your speaker or singer)
• De-essing (in order to remove or limit the sibilant sounds)
• Superior EQ circuitry designed specifically for vocals

Woman with In-Ear MonitorThe audio coming out of your voice processor will be superior to anything you could achieve by simply running a mic through your mixer's channel strip. Once your vocal has been processed, you'll have a clear, intelligible vocal sound that you can route to your house mixer, recording system, monitor system, etc.

If you were to buy a mixer with the same features as a voice processor you would spend thousands more than if you only buy one or two processors for the people that need it the most.

Courtesy CCI Solutions. Used with permission.

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