Using the Presonus Studio Live Mixer

The Presonus StudioLive digital mixer may be the most popular small mixing board for churches this year. But as easy as it is to operate, it's not the same as an analog board.
Recently, Presonus's Rick Naqvi did a very detailed webinar on the board. It's an excellent source for learning how to use the new board.


Joe Wenger said...

We're in the process of saving up for the 24.4.2 board. I was a little unsure about getting it because it's less inputs for a higher price, but this video has sold me yet again. I can't wait til we have this board. It will make my life easier as a worship leader and my tech's job easier as well.

Sergey Ratz said...

Well, my opinion is he following:
If you have a GOOD sound man, than Presonus is not the best solution. Basically sound man feel better with an analog mixer (and more control of course). But otherwise (and this situation is more often) - 24.4.2 is a good solution. The thing I like most - ability to record 24 channel.

The thing I dislike : no instant pan control. You have each time switch the channel to adjust pan. In some application its painfully...