User Review of the Elite Core HS09 Earset Mic

Countryman's E6i and E6o mics continue to be the "go to" earset mics for churches around the globe.  DPA's d:fine mic is making an excellent case for "the best" at the high end price point.

I've been looking to find the "right" mic for a good earset mic, that may not be up to Countryman's audio quality, but is also not up to Countryman's price. I think I may have found it.

This is a review from a church tech director who took the time to compare the Elite Core HS09 with the Countryman E6 mic. Here's what he concluded:


Hey David,

I wanted to take a second and shoot you a quick evaluation of the [Elite Core HS09] headset mic I bought from you last week.

As you may or may not remember I bought this mic to be a backup/guest mic.  I didn’t want to spend the cash for an E6 so you helped me find this solution.

When I first unpacked the mic I was worried about the lack of flexibility and mold-ability.  But when I put it on, the mic was very stable as it was shipped.  When our [guest] speaker wore it yesterday, his experience was exactly the same.  

It didn’t sound exactly like the E6.  But when we used the E6 and then something else happened, and then we used this mic it sounded like the E6.  Which is to say, it sounded pretty darn close. In fact, it was so close that I used almost the same EQ curve that I had for one of my E6's.

It also seems to be pretty hardily built.  The E6 seems fragile (which is probably a result of the ability to mold it so easily).  This mic seems as though I can slap it on a kid during a Christmas production and I don’t have to worry about them.  

I did not like where the wire connects to the head piece.  I think it’s great that it connects by screwing on, but the placement is a little awkward and is very visible on the wearer.

Overall, I was very pleased with the purchase.  I will continue to purchase E6’s for my senior pastor, but for those that speak for a few moments in the service I may switch to these.

I thought you may enjoy seeing my thoughts on this mic.

Matt Lampley
Pastor of Media and Communications
First Baptist Albany, Georgia